Further Shocks at Asian Asia

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  1. Siobhan says:

    Asian Asia was one of the very few places I went for sushi. And the all you can eat buffet was definitely a plus for most people who go there. I went a few months ago with a friend.. we had quite a bit to eat and were left with about 9 or so pieces. We definitely couldn’t finish it and didn’t want to force it. The one waitress told us to simply put the food in our bag in order to not pay for the 9 pieces of sushi. Low and behold, before we could do anything further, a nice little bug popped up out of nowhere and climbed on to the plate. That’s the first time I have had it happen there BUT the food has a couple times not tasted ‘fresh’. I have yet to go back and after the article I read, I definitely won’t.

  2. Bianca says:

    I’ve eaten at Asian Asia twice. It wasn’t the greatest sushi, but I liked the vibe and I never really had any issues. After reading this post and the original post, I will definitely not be going back. EVER! I really hope the place gets shut down.

  3. M.M says:

    After reading both posts and their comments, I am shocked this place is still open. I’ve been there a few times without major incidents. The only thing that was very noticeable was the sadness in the eyes of the waiters. It sounds like I’m being dramatic, but I’m not. Or sometimes they were just extremely rude. I have seen baby cockroaches (if that’s what they were) running around. Ugh!

    I realize there are two branches, both owned by the same she-devil. I don’t think either of them should stay open. That woman needs to be completely ruined. She is a waste of space and a danger to the food industry. I wish I could do more than complain about it. If anyone has a plan that doesn’t involve choking her to death out of disgust, leave a comment. I’ll check up on it. I’d like to help.

  4. Brummer says:

    Have been there once and never went back. The mayo is the first thing that i could distinctly tell wasnt the same as other places. Fish also wasnt fresh at all.

  5. Maike Zirzow says:

    I thought I’d treat my mom and brother visiting me from Namibia tontheor first sushi experience. My brother who didn’t like the idea of sushi ordered chinese food instead. While eating he cut open his lip and gum on a chicken bone in his food. The manager was refusing to replace the food or NOT CHARGE for the food unless we could show the bone to the managet. My brother however, who understandably wanted to remove the pieve of bone drom his mouth spit it out and it landed on the ground. The management team refused to accept that as the bone because it was on the floor….look whether it was the bone or not…the fact that apparently enough bones could be found on the floor in order to argue that that couldn’t have been the bone is disgusting! !!!

  6. Bear Grylls says:

    Bugs are PACKED with protein. I simply have to eat there. Do you have a number for reservations? 😉

  7. Richard says:

    Worst sushi I have ever had. Ordered tuna which came and had a almost crusty dry layer and tasted horrible. I sent it back and requested vegetarian sushi as I thought the fish was simply off. The vegetarian rolls tasted like fish (even though it was only rice and cucumber).

    Went once and never again.

  8. Dissapointed says:

    As far as I can remember Asian Asia was one of the first “budget friendly” sushi restaurants. We went quite often when the restaurant first opened. Our visits became less and less, because over time the sushi started tasting terrible. We kept going back thinking they might have just had a bad day. Eventually these bad days were happening every time we went to eat there. The rice in the sushi was definitely old. What was the absolute worst was the way they spoke to their staff in front of customers. I don’t care who did what, the way they handled whatever situation it might have been was completely unprofessional and I was disgusted to think they can talk to anyone in that manner.
    Needless to say, I never went back because of the owners attitudes.
    It’s such a great shame as the location is absolutely perfect.

  9. Goodstuff says:

    Asian Asia used to be my favorite sushi place – before I knew anything about sushi and Cape Town… One day, really thirsty after having some crappy soy sauce with my sushi, I waited over 30 minutes for my Grapetizer. I then went to the bar (being more patient than normally) and they refused to give me the drink or any drink as only waiters are allowed to serve. I told the guy that I really think its stupid and ridiculous where after the lady owner freaked out as “its normal to wait 30min for a drink when a place is busy” I was sitting ONE meter from the bar. Later that night we received soggy prawn tempura California rolls. I asked the lady why the prawn is soggy and “see through” on which she replied “you are a local and must know what cooked prawn looks like” She screamed and where talking loud and just freaked out cause I asked her if the prawn must look like that. It was almost like she was manifesting. If you really want to go and face the potentially salmonella fungus herpes invested food… go sit at the water and chuck the sushi that look gross in the water. The catfish loves it. Sorry Fauna and Flora but you either serve the fish or sit on the toilet for 2 weeks. PS: Maybe the tuna is actually catfish? Only thing thats not too bad are the chocolate spring rolls. Rest is k@k. Go to the place underneath Eastwoods. Yummi zone or something like that. Much better . PEACE //

  10. Lara Lombard says:

    We ate there and had an awful experience! !! The sushi was old and tasted like it was made the previous day. The salmon still had scales on! I requested real Japanese mayo and had to pay R10 extra and after they brought the “real” mayo…I told my husband this is still not Japanese mayo…and its the only mayo I use at home…so I would most definitely know the difference. After requesting to speak to the owner the waiter said that they do not understand english and that I need to deal with them either. The waiter then started fighting with us and was extremely rude to which the owner joined in and also started being rude to our table in ENGLISH. I have never gone back and I do believe every word of this former employee

  11. Disgusted says:

    A few years ago I was introduced to Asian Asia. After being introduced my friends and I would go regularly because the the sushi was very affordable to students – as we were. One night we went and got the all you can eat special, the next morning I woke up with an upset stomach and less than 24 hours after leaving Asian Asia I was in hospital with a ruptured appendix. After doing a bit of research, I learned that old salmon can have a negative effect on ones appendix, often leading it to rupture or burst
    For a long time I did not eat sushi. My friends made me feel silly for believing that the sushi was the cause of my ruptured appendix. Eventually, after a year or so, I went back. Almost every single time I have been there since that terrible experience, I have felt ill. For some reason o kept going back. Reading all these comments now makes me sick! I am now 100 percent certain that bad sushi was the cause of my horrible experience. I honestly believe that Asian Asia needs be shut down. This place is disgusting. The dishes are always dirty and the sushi is aweful. There is nothing besides the price that is appealing about this place. I hope that somebody shuts it down for good and that the dumb bitch running the place is sent back to where she came from!!!

  12. Stephanie says:

    I would suggest that if you’ve had a bad experience at this disgrace of a restaurant – PLEASE take the time to go and write reviews/rate them on: zomato.com & tripadvisor.com!

    We need to spread the word as far and wide as possible.

  13. Disgusted says:

    Thank you very much for this info. I have been there once with friends. We had the all you can eat special and the waiters stared at us the whole evening, like we were contemplating some plan to bomb the place or something. We felt very uncomfortable there. After all this info, I will NEVER go there again and will share the shit out of this article on facebook so that everyone can see what kind of place this is. Horrible owners!

  14. Marius says:

    So i wasnt wrong all along. I’ve been there twice. First time was still the smaller version. When I set aside the brown salmon and just ate the rise and ordered more of the other “eat as much as you can” special,the waiter pointed to the brown salmon and said, “you need to eat that! I can’t take that back,my boss will kill me!” I was like, say whaaaat? In your freaken dreams! Bad experiance! Second time round we went with friends that used to love them but relocated to Springbok. They visited and we went there. Bad experiance again. Not fresh at all and the plastic cheap look of interior and siff cutlary was gross to say the least! Haven’t sat my foot there again since 3 years ago and will never also!

  15. Annonomise says:

    Shocking. Will never eat there again. If I’m not mistaking, the owners is chinise; do they have working permits?!

  16. poppinjohn says:

    i have been calling to place take away orders whole week and not pitching…..im doing my part, are you?

  17. David says:

    Calling and not pitching does nothing, they will serve ur order to someone next week, ur just making things worse… Asian Asia is not the only place like this, I’ve been working in the food industry for years and all places are the same.. Profit first. Debonairs, Steers, Cattle Baron, Spur, Wimpy, Ocean basket etc. They all take chances to make more profit, I’ve seen it all.

  18. Never again says:

    I visited Asian Asia during January 2014 and requested ‘tuna crunch’ (deep friend californian rolls) – unsure what the name on the menu was as I haven’t been back since then. I’m not sure what I received, but I was certainly the WORST equivalent of tuna crunch ever, it was CERTAINLY not freshly made, it looked as if it was made 3 days before and just left in the fridge. I’ve never seem food look so disgusting, it was literally ‘rubber’. Nothing of that sushi was ‘crunchy’, and I can’t stress deeply enough about how bad their service was. I’ll never ever ever ever EVER again go there…

    If what I read about the food and owner are to be true, then this place deserves to be shut down.

  19. Bee says:

    Wow, thanks for this. I have never been, and now will never go there. #nasty

  20. Jan says:

    On the City of Cape Town websit, the following is written:

    Food Protection Program:

    The City of Cape Town’s Environmental Health section implements a Food Quality and Safety Program that is designed to regulate, monitor, evaluate and control the quality and safety of food products supplied to the citizens of Cape Town. The aim is to reduce the health and safety risks resulting from exposure to contaminated or misbranded foods supplied by any formal and informal food retail and processing establishments located within the City of Cape Town.

    The services rendered by this program extends to the following:

    Licencing and Certification of all food preparation facilities
    Conducting unannounced investigations and inspections of all food preparation facilities
    Food sampling programs
    Investigating all reported cases of food poisoning
    Investigating all consumer complaints & concerns related to food services and food products
    Environmental and Milk Control Laboratory Service

    I suggest that everyone who has had an unsafe food experience at Asian Asia, or any other establishment should complain to the City of Cape Town so that they can act on the above mentioned guidelines.

    Tel: 086 010 3089
    SMS: 31373
    E-mail: Contactus@capetown.gov.za

  21. nasty says:

    Asian asia’s sushi is nasty. Dey can suck mah dick.

  22. ShittyWokPrease says:

    I’ve never been here before, but I’ve worked for Taiwanese/Chinese before. They are the absolute worst, rude people to work for under the sun. It’s like you owe them something for working for them and EARNING a salary for the hard work you put in.

    As for Sushi, I’ve eaten at PLENTY places, and this place will definitely not see my money… EVER. The fact that they break the labour law as blatantly as the do makes me really upset, as it’s super easy to win a case like this in the CCMA. My suggestion to anyone reading this who is employed in a similar environment: Get an employment contract, even if it’s just a signed paper from your employee stating you are working there with your commencement date, salary/hourly rate and your position at the employer. These people need to be shut down.

    Is there no health inspector one can report this disgusting place to, to inspect the place and fine them for not adhering to health and safety rules, etc?

    I’m not sure how I’d react to verbal abuse by a filthy immigrant like this when I know they are in the wrong… makes my blood boil just thinking about it…

  23. Leandra says:

    I’ve been there the Mayo story is so true and there sushi does not taste normal. Will never go back to that place! Had 3 pieces and couldn’t eat anymore so bad was it.

  24. Daniel matthee says:

    HI, So I have always eaten at the bigger Asian Asia at the Tygervalley Waterfront and NEVER NEVER EVER had any problems there.

    The small one opposite the Bigger one is crap!!!

    Thanks for everyones info

    But I will however go to the bigger one again. So as the original post above asked and informs all the problem is at the small one not the bigger one. So please comment about any problems at the bigger one please.

    • thatWallace says:

      Hi, please note that both posts are about the BIG one, next to Bossa, and the old Buena Vista. From people’s comments, it seems the smaller one is better. – @thatWallace

  25. hilda says:

    You can all sign a petition and send it to the Health Dept. Then give them 7 days to respond and send again, until they advise you when the health inspection will be. If they find any bad food or dirty circumstances, they will give them a notice, close the place down and give them time to “fix” it. If not, it will be closed down permanently.
    Go for it!

  26. Wanika says:

    Please report all these stories to the Health and Safety Offices of Cape Town – surely there must be an inspector willing to go out and check on these things. The fish being re-used is just disgraceful and disgusting. Surely these places should be shut down simply due to not conforming to Health and Safety regulations.

  27. Julia Mukuddem says:

    oh my hat – yes, we had the most terrible experience ever. i took my stepson there for a treat. the service was so bad, there were loads of people and almost no sushi.

    we complained a few times and i said to my stepson that it’s actually unfair that everybody is going on with the waiters. there was nothing but salmon. we paid for the buffet, but it was a total waste of time.

    i tried to talk to the owner, but he was sooooo rude. just told me no english no english. i told him that i know he understands every word i’m saying, as he was speaking it a few minutes ago. i felt sorry for the waiters and the one guy just said sorry, that’s just how they are.

  28. Louda says:

    Funny that this place is still so busy each time I walk past it but maybe after these posts, it changes. It is truly the worst sushi place in the area. I think some commenters might have been regulars 😉

  29. ice says:

    I just came out of hospital with food poisoning after having eaten at this restaurant on Sunday. I have never before eaten there, I am definitely reporting them.

  30. GK says:

    Was there last night, unknowing about all of this write-ups!!
    At the door all the latest invoices was there to view, with a notice board noting a few points, that seems odd!!!

    We had a great meal, very fresh sushi in an empty restaurant (about 30 people in total)!!

  31. Marika says:

    Thank goodness I don’t eat Sushi! Always thought I would try it one day, but now, thank you very much, but no thank you!!!

  32. Annamarie says:

    Hi @thatWallace,

    Never had an idea that it was this bad, I popped you a mail. Before I read this and did have some Futo Maki and Tuna Sashimi there today.It was define. The place is dead quiet. Really sad to know that there are so many out there that has had a bad experience with them and I haven’t and that your post has really given their business such a knock.

  33. D.P de Lange says:

    I never had bad experience, except flies flying around at the bigger one. That been said it happens at most places anyway.

    For cheap sushi I go to Asian Asia (small one). But if you are really up for good sushi, go to CBD. If you want to eat here, go to the smaller one. I do not like the bigger one, mostly because it is packed with d1cks, and they order way too many sushi pieces, and then complain that they had to pay for each piece. Too bad you did not read the menu. And boohoo, 99% of Sushi Buffets works that way.

  34. Jennifer says:

    If you would like fresh amazing sushi and chinese or thai food go to Asamis cobble walk. You will most definitely not regret it! It is the best freshest sushi I have EVER eaten and they have the buffet where you can have as much salmon, tuna or prawn roses as you would like. They will also go out of their way to make the sushi you would like. Waiters are friendly and helpful, and their cocktails are to die for. They receive salmon every day and if they believe their tuna is not as fresh as it should be they will not serve it. Extremely awesome stunning place and the Chinese chefs are very friendly and their English is better than most! Please do yourself a favour and try Asami Cobble Walk.

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