Helping The Homeless?

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2 Responses

  1. T Krupandan says:

    A year or two ago the DA councillor J P Smit also had sharp stones installed on the ground under the unfinished highway bridge flyover, near the MyCiti bus terminal, because the homeless used to sleep there. Now there is no flat surface for them to lie on. Seems to be their policy – police and move away from ‘their’ areas, so that their rich white constituents are not bothered by Cape Town’s homeless. So much for Patricia De Lille’s caring city!

  2. Sunette says:

    Hi Wallace. My name is Sunette. I have previously resided in Durbanville and had to move to the Free State to live with my parents on account of losing my job, and eventually my home. My life partner and I went through a terribly difficult time. He still resides in Durbanville but is currently also unemloyed and unfortunately homeless.
    It is shameless how the homeless are treated in Durbanville.

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