Why Asian Asia is the worst Sushi Place in Cape Town

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  1. Marisa says:

    I stopped going there after my first visit. Mainly due to the shitty service AND rude behaviour. I ordered a prawn hand roll and received a salmon one. Told the lady that it’s wrong and well, it was MY fault that it was wrong. So fuck them.

  2. Jeremy says:

    I stopped going there after i found what looked like a “rouch” in the sushi I ordered. When I complained about it, I was asked to leave after I said the place will make ppl sick when they go eat there. I’ll never go there or to any Asian Asia again.

  3. Liesl says:

    Years ago my husband and I went there for lunch on Saturday afternoon, with us being the only people there. It was the most disgusting sushi I’ve ever had. Rice was soggy and overcooked, and everything else just did not look presentable.

  4. Dirk Scheepers says:

    Ryan, thank you for writing this article, i have had endless terrible service from that place, not just bad, TERRIBLE, it’s time people stop going here so this place can shut down, shocking service and below average food for a ridiculous price.

  5. hanneke says:

    Also had a awful experience there about a month ago with the staff and management. No going back for us!

  6. Marilize says:

    Worst sushi I have ever tasted. Went there once and never again. The salmon roses were pre-made, packed in plastic containers and kept under the counter. Really? Definitely not fresh sushi, we only had two plates, paid and got the hell out of there.
    Some people rave about the place…clearly they are not used to quality and taste.

  7. Rita says:

    Ryan, it’s a good thing you wrote this article.
    Behaviour like this, which is supposed to be professional, is just plain unacceptable.

    I went there once and the service was fine, I didn’t have any problems; the waiter was friendly and I didn’t have the need to talk to any of the higher-ups. However, I decided then and there not to go back, because the veggie and prawn spring rolls I ordered were just bland and tasted of oil (clearly the oil wasn’t hot enough when the spring rolls were fried.

    However, after reading this I’m just boycotting them, period.

  8. Damiana says:

    It was about a year ago that my boyfriend and I went there for the first time. We sat at the sushi belt with another couple next to us. They called the manager over and (very politely) asked if the salmon was fresh. The owner was crazy offended and stormed off, only to come back, waving the salmon bill he paid today in their faces and yelling “it is fresh!” These people still paid the all you can eat price. These owners obviously have no business or human interaction common sense.

  9. Walter Curlewis says:

    Glad other people can see what a disgusting place this is. I went Asian Asia about a year ago experiencing bad service and horrible sushi. They didn’t serve any fresh sushi as I noticed they kept their sushi in plastic containers… presumably to use it for the next day as to not waste any stock. And the taste confirmed it, it was terrible… felt like I was chewing rotten plastic. I actually couldn’t finish a piece of sushi I was eating, just paid and left. I was quite surprise to see so many people there eating. That place is an hazardous zone. beware. TOXIC WASTE kept in containers 😀

  10. Divan says:

    I once went there and found one RUSTED INDUSTRIAL STAPLE in my Salmon Rose!!! Almost chip my tooth! (Also Buffet) After Calling the Manager/Owner (Chinese Lady) She Just gave us 3 Stupid Chinese Beers and said sorry. But we had to pay.

  11. Kim says:

    We ate there once quite awhile ago and will never go back. It is filthy, the sushi was definitely not fresh and the fish was off. People do not realise how sick you can get eating sushi that is not prepared with fresh fish in a clean and hygenic environment 🙁 This place is plain gross and could well believe that there were creepy crawlies in the food.

  12. Rudolph Faurie says:

    Had off Salmon there. When I brought this to their attention they suddenly didn’t understand ANY english. Will NEVER go back again

  13. Cheney says:

    That is horrible! Im so sorry that you guys had to experience this. And thank you for the article because Im a sushi lover. If I may there is a sushi and Chinese restaurant in Observatory called Linkos. Excellent service and great sushi. I only once had a problem with the sushi and they made a brand new plate for me without charging me for both. The waiters and the owner are extremely friendly and they make sure you have good service and food. So I highly recommend that place! 🙂

    • Dean says:

      The is an awesome sushi place in Ipic shopping center Sonstraal called Waka Yama, freshest sushi ive ever had and the all you can eat is also the cheapest ive found anywhere

    • Amaryllis says:

      Agree! Linkos is amazing – excellent food, really good prices, and wonderful service. I’ve even found myself comparing very classy, upmarket Asian restuarants to Linkos and thinking Linkos is on par or better. Definitely, for their pricing there is little in Cape Town that compares.

      Asian food aside, the waiters at Linkos are so friendly and really contribute to a good experience 🙂

  14. Tyron says:

    As I mentioned on your Facebook status… This restaurant is disgusting! Have encountered a similar situation there. Sad thing is, the waiters I got along with really well (super friendly guys) but the management, bunch of arrogant Asians that are too blind to see how shockingly run their shit hole is. BOYCOTT THIS PLACE!!!

    • Miguel says:

      I really don’t think the race of the owners has anything to do with this discussion. Keep racist comments to yourself please

      • Eden says:

        I don’t think this is a racist comment. He was referring to a nationality. They’re from Asia. Like when people talk about dumb Americans. It ain’t racist. Americans come in all kinds of races.

      • cobus says:

        Miguel… is the manager cuban? or Romanian ? or Russian? whos the racist dipshit…

      • Kat says:

        I was going to commend Ryan on this great article but I am rather disturbed and upset by the racism and xenophobia that prevails in so many of the comments.

        Many business owners, whether they are pink, green or purple, receive complaints about poor customer service so let’s not be so quick to say things like “And that owner whom is lower than dog shit , should fuck off back to her country . ” Really shocked that there are still so many racists/xenophobes that live in a country that is supposed to be accepting of all races and cultures. The owner is a person. Plain and simple. There should be no derogatory labels referring to race/culture.

    • cobus says:

      out of all the asian cultures and people there is only one which is renoun for quality over quantity….Japanese… period… Best is to confirm if your sushi hangout is operated by chinese or japanese owners…

  15. Aaron says:

    Stumbled upon this blog through a friend of mine. If you still have the details of this waiter please send it to me. Needless to say I’ll never eat here.

    However the real reason I’m here … My girlfriend and I run a promo company and would like to see if we can subsidize his loss of income by offering promotional work.

    I could be totally out of place by doing it this way but I have no idea how to get hold of the person.


    • thatWallace says:

      Hi Aaron, I will get his details from my friend and email it to you! If you can help him in any way, that would be awesome. – @thatWallace

  16. Richard Scott says:

    Yeah went there once. We were forced to eat the last remaining sushi which was left due to being dry and tasted terrible.. so scrap that.. BLOODY DISGUSTING! . we said no and they also argued with an elevated voice that we will be charged. So I took the left over food and flushed in down their toilet.

    Last laugh on them..

    Will never go back.

  17. Liesel Scott says:

    We’ve been to Asian Asia 4 times already and 3 times out of the 4 times I was sick afterwards. Will never go there again. You guys can really try Asami at Cobble Walk in Sonstraal Heights, there sushi is the BEST!!!!!!!

    • Tracy says:

      Be careful there too. Ate there once and got food poisoning off the tuna. Might be an isolated incident, but please also check colour and smell before eating the sushi.

  18. Ron says:

    Yoh, I haven’t been, but as a sushi aficionado I would probably have ended up there at some stage or another. But since reading this I will sear clear. Thanks guys and gals for saving me the unnecessary experience…..

  19. Hennelie Visser says:

    We went there once, as someone recommended it to us, and told us the all you can eat was well worth it. Well, all the avo was completely BLACK and if I remember correctly there was cartilage in the salmon.

    Was really gross. I can’t remember if we ended up paying, but didn’t even eat more than like 3 plates.

    And to agree with Liesel Scott’s comment above – Asami’s at Cobble Walk IS really good value for money – they have a huge variety, do not compromise on the quality of the food, and have really friendly staff!

  20. vern says:

    Same shit happened 2 me
    We questioned about fake mayo then they said w must leave. Owner shouted and sweared.then rang up indivudual pieces. Bill came 2 over R400. I laughed at him. But I didn’t just walk out. We smashed a few “freshly prepared” plates of sushi. That owner has a really shitty attitude. And these kind of people get allowed 2 run businesses in our country

  21. Lizelle says:

    Horrible place, horrible People, horrible service. They should just clise down.

  22. David says:

    Had two horrible experiences at the same branch of Asian Asia. Firstly, poor service. We waited 30 minutes to pay our bill (after asking numerous times for the bill and complaining to the lady behind the till/bar) – this after receiving the wrong plates of sushi and our drinks being skipped completely. When we got up and left, the waiters and owners just stared at us without stopping us. When we got to the lifts, they wanted to phone the police (nogals the police). Second bad incident was when my salmon nigiri was obviously rotten… (insert disgusted face). When I complained, they refused to bring me a new order saying the fish was “fresh” and I “was disrupting their restaurant and upsetting clients”. I’ve since used word of mouth to advise people not to go there, and I’m glad someone’s posted a piece about this. Hope this gets shared so much that the joint goes broke and is forced to shut down.

  23. Jason says:

    Sounds like a kak experience.

    That said, so much racism/xenophobia/stereotyping in this blog post and comments.

    Don’t worry about replies – not going to be back on the page.

  24. Alicia says:

    They serve savoury mayo with sushi. I complained about this, and I was told that they always serve ‘Chinese’ mayo and if I want ‘Japanese’ mayo then I must tell the waiter when I place my order AND I must pay extra for it! Refuse to eat at that disgusting restaurant.

  25. Juanita says:

    I only go to the smaller one. Never had a problem there, but as far as i ow its the same owners?

  26. Desiree Hancock says:

    oh my goodness!!!!!! I too had a terrible experience with asian asia. I ordered sushi as a starter, I waited an hour and still no sushi, the waiter then arrived and told me they lost my order, I then placed the same order with them and waited another 30min, sushi then arrived at the table that I didn’t order. I then asked to see the manager, and that was Nancy (the owner) she ignored me flat out, I then asked to speak with her again, she eventually came to our table, shouting and swearing at us. I paid for my drinks and I told her I pay for services rendered! she then called the police and I couldn’t care less, I just left. silly person!

  27. Kelly Mealor says:

    I have been going to this restaurant for ages out of convenience of location but have always feared a bad experience. Last year I had a salmon rose with some sort of hard plastic inside. I had to pull pieces of it out of my mouth. When I complained, thinking that it had been a scale perhaps, the waiter returned merely to inform me that it was in fact plastic. No owner or manager came to apologise. I am definitely going to boycott as not only is the food of poor quality but apparently so are the owners.

  28. Chrissi says:

    had a similar experience were she shouted and threatend to phone the police on making false accusions and not wanting to pay! Its a terrible place!!

  29. Hendri says:

    Personally, I prefer the smaller sushi places where the food is made as ordered, even for the all-you-can-eats.That way it wasn’t standing around for a good few hours before you were made to eat it.

    If you prefer the big-noisy places, I can recommend Yummy Zone (under Eastwoods, Tyger Manor). The sushi is good (not brilliant) and relatively fresh.

    Another place worth a try is located in the new Pinehurst Mall. I don’t know the name of the place but had an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet there about two weeks ago and it was brilliant, to say the least! Small, quaint, personal!

  30. Jeanne says:

    I ate there and got salmon that was off!! like you could taste it was off solidly!! I could not swallow it! GAG

  31. Lineke says:

    I have been to this specific Asian Asia once, because a friend recommended it. It was a horrible experience. I agree that the waiters are friendly, but the management sucks. I am a huuuuuge sushi fan and I know when something is not right. They definitely do not use the “real” mayo and their sushi is not fresh at all. Will never go back again. Golden Fish and Sake are two way better options.

  32. Martinique says:

    I have eaten there a lot. Twice I got food poisoning.
    My one friend does not eat sushi and he wanted to try 1 piece and he did and the Chinese guy billed us for eat as much as you can, which is ridiculous because he only ate one piece. They are the dirtiest place ever….

  33. Jean Roode says:

    Dreadful food, disgusting hygiene, pathetic service and unstable owners. I think Gordon Ramsay should pay a visit. (if he dared). Will never ever go there again.

  34. Liz says:

    I ate there once and it was the worst sushi I’ve ever had. I don’t understand why some people choose quantity and shittiness over quality. Bad sushi is not okay, especially because it’s raw fish. Salmonella roll, anyone?

  35. RageFace says:

    We went to Asian Asia a couple of years ago with friends and we’ve also vowed to never go back – the fish tasted fine but the rice had a disgusting sweet smell and the seaweed was incredibly slimy :/ There and then we decided to never go back.

  36. Suzan says:

    Oh WOW!!! I’ve had 3 bad experiences there inclyding a waiter shouting at us. So ridiculous!

  37. Daniel Boshoff says:

    Can anyone post the facebook and web page of Asian Asia? For some reason I cant find it. Did they remove it?


  38. Stephen says:

    We went to eat there about a year back. We sat at the sushi conveyor belt and saw how the chefs were making a huge amount of salmon roses and then packing them into containers which they then took to the kitchen. There were hardly any salmom roses on the belt which we found strange. Later on in we grabbed a plat of salmon roses from the belt but they tasted rather soggy and not fresh at all. When we finally got some service it took them about 30mins just to get us 2 cokes. We also waited about 15mins just to get our bill, after asking 3 differant waiters for it. After all this i had a awesome case of food poisoning the following day which hit me for a six and was down and out for 3 days. I have never been back since and will never go back.

  39. Jason says:

    Been there twice, at the small Asian Asia and the big one. Small one we had good service and the sushi was not that bad, the rice was a little dry but service was good.

    The other half and myself went to the bigger one recently due to the smaller one also being closed. That day our service was utter sh*t. Sushi tasted bad, avocado was brown, rice dried out and the waited came buy for out order every once in a while to take out buffet order.

    I have since then never went back and saw on FB a lot complaining about them

    Think ill have to send my cousin over who is a Health Inspector…

  40. Carli says:

    I know what you mean. But I must say waka yama in durbanville is the best. My bestfriend and I always go there. The cooks are the best and the waiters are awesome. 🙂

  41. Benedene says:

    Last time i was there was a year ago, My Friend and I decided to stop for some Sushi just before 12 am for Lunch. When I saw that they were packing Sushi (Salmon Roses) out of BIG containers that had obviously been in the fridge all night, I very politely asked if the chef would mind making mine from scratch as I have gotten sick from Sushi before and would not like to repeat the experience. The Chef asked the manager/Owner and he very rudely said if I don’t want to eat the Sushi(insisting that it was fresh) that’s okay but they wont be making extra Roses just for me. Although i was kind-of pissed, I took one piece from the belt and @ the first bite It was the most disgusting thing ever! It was Ice cold and def not fresh! I didn’t pay for it and after hearing many stories about them, I will never go eat there again!

  42. Salma says:

    Wow I can’t stand terrible service so I am compelled to comment. I have never been to Asian Asia (not a great name either) nor will I ever go now.

  43. Charmaine says:

    This is terrible!! My girlfriends and I often go for sushi, get some wine going and just sit and eat and talk sh!t the whole night long. The last time we wanted to go we decided to Asian Asia, the big one, and the place was so full, after waiting 20 mins at the table, no service or drinks, nothing, we decided to help ourselves to the conveyor belt sushi, we never do that, we usually take the all you van eat. So out first plates were obviously salmon roses ……… I have never in my life seen a rose so tiny, slumpy looking like it was “pap” or “verlep” … We immediately got up, put the plates back and left … We saw the chinese people looking at us, and me being who I am shouted at the crap service and shitty food! Never will we go back there and we also urge no one to go there either. Horrible how they made the waiter paid for food with bugs in it and still fired him.

  44. Rudene says:

    Ek was al ‘n paar keer by die kleiner winkel en twee keer by die groot winkel. Die laatste keer wat ek by die klein wenkel was het hulle mens sleg behandel en die kos was nie lekker nie. Ek besluit toe om die groot winkel ‘n kans te gee. Die laaste keer wat ek daar was, was die salmon so af dat jy dit kon ruik. ek het dit terug gestuur en daar is vir my gesê daar is niks fout met dit nie. Ek moes ook op die ou einde betaal vir dit omdat ek dit nie wou eet nie. Dit was die laaste. Mense behandel nie jou kliente so nie.

  45. Abby says:

    Wow!! with service like this…. i can’t see them being in the industry for much longer!!! Don’t they know that Customers is always right no matter if they are wrong!! I think we need to get Gordon Ramsay to sort them out. LOL

  46. Nadia says:

    I totally respect you for voicing your complaint – we are far too complacent when it comes to complaining about bad food and service here in Cape Town. I have complained in writing about Bella Ballota about shocking service and bad food and they merely offered me a free meal which is not assurance that it won’t happen again same with CTFM at Tygervalley – had the worst experience and Manager blamed the staff! RESPECT! Bout time. I actually started a blog about restaurants in Durbanville / Tygerberg Complaints but don’t have time… and there are fewer and fewer choices of restaurants in this area that are safe and offer respectable service and quality of food……..

  47. Aruno says:

    Well this is ONE sushi place that I have never been to and NOW never will. Thanks for the heads-up will surely let my friends know.

  48. Dennis says:

    I to had a bad experience with the “Dragon lady”. 4 of us got there about 19.30 and ordered a platter, only to be told there is no more tuna. I then said to the waitress then could we get a bit of discount because I am not payin full price for only half the choice!..she said I will have to speak to the chinese lady …big mistake!!…she started screaming and shouting at the top of her voice in a full restuarant, I just turned and walked away while she was freaking out and this must have pissed her off even more because she banged on the counter with something…her husband then came to me as he was actualy making sushi at the time to ask what the problem was….needless to say we got are tuna. I find the sushi quite good though so we have been back…just don’t engage with the dragon lady. I did post on hello peter at the time and found quite a few complaint about the dragon lady!!

  49. Jo-Handri says:

    Ons was Vrydag daar vir die derde keer.En nooit weer sal ek my voete daar sit nie.Die plek is verskriklik vuil.Ons kom daar aan en ons tafel is vol soya sous.Die res van die plek lyk verskriklik vuil
    Die sushi is baie sleg en het geen smaak nie.Die salmon was so smerterig, en het n snaakse reuk gehad.Defnitief nie vars nie.Ek dink regtig nie hierdie plek moet meer oop wees nie.Die waiter was ook misluk en wou ons nie help nie
    Die diens is baie swak.En ook die olie wat hul gebruik vir springrolls is oud.
    Ek sal ook Asami by Cobble Walk voorstel.

  50. Mitzi says:

    Defnitely the most disgusting sushi I’ve ever tasted, and the worst service ever. That place will never see me again.

  51. Zanne says:

    Please contact (if you still have his message) the waiter and tell him or her to go to the CCMA – firing him was illegal seeing as he didn’t do anything wrong.

    I really feel sorry for the waiter – who is without a job now. Hope he gets the matter to the CCMA (he only needs to fill out a form available on the internet) and I hope Asian Asia gets ordered to pay him damages.

    • thatWallace says:

      Hi, we have advised him to do so. Someone else in this comment section also offered to help him find a promotion job. – @thatWallace

  52. DJ says:

    Hi there.. thanks for the comments everyone.. I must agree.. i have only been there once and was shocked at the service, prices and the food i got for all that. I complained and the manager came out and shouted at me.. The customer is always right and i wasnt satisfied. I was told if im not happy im to pay and leave. I will never go back there again.. im grossed out to hear about the bugs though.. i think everyone should post their comments to hellopeter.com everyone reads those logs and im sure it will sort them out

  53. NeverGoThere says:

    Terrible terrible restaurant. It needs to be shut down ASAP. I’ve only been there once -terrible quality sushi and terrible service.

  54. Angie says:

    Worst sushi I have ever had!!!
    If you’re looking for good sushi you should go to Wason close to Kings and Sanlam in Bellville

  55. it seems to me that the bug was not the actual problem, but paying for the food! if anyone at my table had a bug in their food, i would NOT finish my food but insist that no-one eats. i once had a cockroach (dead, cooked) in my stew, but my friend continued to eat HERS!

  56. Simone says:

    Also had a horrible experience at this place. Ordered the all you can eat special. The tuna and salmon were off colour and the rice tasted weird. We obviously couldn’t continue eating the disgusting fish and we refused to pay for what we hadn’t eaten. We just paid and left

  57. Marianne says:

    I’ve had to go to this place countless times with friends who ignore their bad service. They take super long to bring your food and that flipping manager lady walks up & down watching you like a hawk to make sure you don’t “share” your special. ( what is so wrong with wanting to taste something that is already paid for before you order it?).

    Everytime I’ve had a conversation with her she is irrational and plain rude. We’ve also had an incident where the waiter told us that he would have to pay if we complain.

    Once (after a long dissagreement with her) we just wanted to pay and eff off, so we left our large ammount of cash in the cheque case, stood and started walking out. Then suddenly we were called back very loudly and rudely and made to stand and wait while the waiter counted our cash. It was such a slap in the face, as if we were trying to screw them over (which we should have) and NOT ONCE have I EVER heard them apologise for something.

  58. Lesley says:

    My boyfriend and I went with another couple, about a year ago, never having had a bad experience with them before. We waited about an hour for our sushi and after enquiring we found out that they had lost our order. It was a busy evening so we didn’t complain,. We then waited another 45min and still receive nothing. We then made the mistake of speaking to the manager (dragon lady) and were told that it was not a Mc Donald’s . We paid for our drinks and have never been since. We have never had a problem the one on the other side, that has always had good service and sushi.

  59. Chantel says:

    I have never been to Asian Asia, thanks guys for the warning! My faves are most Simply Asia’s and Jakura. Never had a bad experience like this before at either.. Wow this would put me off sushi for life!

  60. Hannes says:

    Last year I went there with friends and had a similar experience. I had not ordered the all you can eat special and yet they charded me for it. The manager/owner made a big scene of this and started shouting at me. He also stated that the waiter would have to pay and got fired. Take this dooche down

  61. Susan says:

    Just asking….do they pay VAT/taxes?

  62. Nadia says:

    I’m glad we decided not to go there the last time we wanted to go for all you can eat! Try Yang Yangs at Old Oak Spar in Oakdale, Bellville. Their sushi is delicious, service is great and the sushi is always fresh. I would strongly recommend them for all you can eat as well – portions are big and orders get to you swiftly 🙂

  63. Tanya Kemp says:

    That is disgusting, how about contacting the Health Inspector and asking him to pop in for a visit!!!

  64. Ryan says:

    The employee has 30 days to report the matter to the CCMA for unfair dismissal. Don’t settle in conciliation and smash them in arbitration! Absolutely disgusting how they treat clients and employees.

  65. CHARA says:

    sushi or not,i had it a couple of times but made it myself at home and at a few functions i attended and it was great. Ek stick ma met my vleis en sausage. Everyone knows how filthy real CHINA is,they eat bugs,rats and dogs. So what i think they trying to do is make us eat like them and thats not on.. Vang jou eie kakalake by die huis dan try jy dit uit eers.lmfu.

    • Elena says:

      This comment is plain rude and racist. Not all Chinese people eat bugs, dogs or whatever. Do not stereotype and generalise, it will just make you appear to be ignorant, which I’m sure you are not if you do some research before you speak

      • Jenna says:

        Thank you so much Elena. Just so you know Chara sushi ain’t chinese its japanese, you should do some research before you comment and by the way China isn’t filthy and not all of china eats dogs or bug so stop being racist, its like me saying all afrikaans people are fucking racist which not all of them are. Try thinking with that head of yours Chara then someday you can be a better person then you are right now. Kan jy verstaan? Moet ek afrikaans praat?

  66. Craig says:

    I agree with everything you’ve said in this article but just one qualm. Why eat there in the first place if you’ve questioned the cleanliness of the restaurant?

    • thatWallace says:

      was a mistake on our part, that much I’d admit. We were in the area and did not expect anything like this – @thatWallace

  67. Mustapha says:

    Thank you for the warning! Passing this on

  68. Bernard says:

    japanese- sushi ?Yes !!!
    Chinese- I think there’s a clear misunderstanding what cuisine you thought you were trying to undulge in
    Never confuse Chinese people or their cuisine with Japanese – you will be eternally disappointed

    • thatWallace says:

      Either, or, the whole situation remains shocking. I’ll admit, I’m not a sushi regular but I don’t need to be, to identify shoddy service and unfair dismissal. – @thatWallace

  69. Kelsey Niehaus says:

    I also had a bad experience there… but not as bad as this I’ll have to admit! I happen to work nearby and decided to grab sushi during my lunch break… I ordered salmon roses (my favourite sushi staple) and when I got back to my office to enjoy my salmon roses, I was disgusted that they did not use the japanese mayo but instead the cheap mayo (which you can taste a mile away). The salmon rose was so disgusting that I had to spit it out… I simply could not swallow it. I’m not one to waste food but this was beyond disgusting. Never went back!

  70. nancy says:

    Are there no food ratings in South Africa? In NZ there are strict laws about food preparation and a grade is issued to an establishment. Also, no food review website?

  71. Rob says:

    If you guys are looking for the MOST superb sushi in Cape Town get hold of Daniel at OISHI SUSHI.
    There is one in town and a new one in Tygervalley.
    They deliver or you can collect. Not a sit down spot but without a doubt the most AMAZING sushi that I have ever tasted, quality and service outstanding.
    Not at all shy with their salmon.
    I supplied them until last week – quit my job – but the salmon is ALWAYS fresh and the owner (Daniel) is the fussiest, most pedantic client I have ever dealt with – to his credit.
    Call him on 021 – 4241473 or mail him on daniel@oishisushi.co.za
    Guaranteed not to disappoint!
    Been supplying fresh Salmon for years – I know where to get the good stuff!

  72. Wilmari says:

    This is really disgusting!!
    I ordered sweet and sour chicken from them once and got the most dodgy “chicken” I have ever seen in my live!! it wasn’t pork and it def was not chicken! I also don’t really think the food is worth the money you pay i.e. the spring rolls are basically only dough with barely any veg/chocolate. I’ll share this article with my friends. NEVER going there again!
    thanks for the article!

  73. Simone Budding says:

    I went to asian asia with a friend. We forgot all about pay parking and did not have money for the machine. We asked the manager to help us out and increse our bill that we could pay with card and then just give us the change for the machine. She refused by shouting at us and said that the two of us should walk to tygevalley at 22:00 to go and draw money. We refused as the reality is that 2 young girls in the street at 22:00 is just looking for trouble. Well more shouting from those crazy managers followed. Our kind and lovely waitress then said that she would help us out and pay for us…after all it is R5 we are talking about here. But the manager then went bazerk, shouting and insulting her staff member infront of all to see. This really upset me, I will never go there again as people are numbers to them

  74. Cara says:

    This is crazy!! We went there once and got sick and vowed to never go back there again. We tell everyone we meet not to go there. Just a FYI we went there almost 2 years ago. It’s crazy that they are still in business and I hear so many people say that they have good sushi, I just look at them and say that they have no idea what good sushi is.

  75. Bianca says:

    When the small asian asia opened we went there. The place was empty but after more than an hour we still hadnt received our food. Eventually those of us that ordered sushi got our food but our 2friends that ordered chinese food waited till we were all literally finished eating till they got theirs. The chinese food tasted like cheap pre-made food and was horrible. The sushi was not any better. To top it off when ordering 2 portions of prawn nigiri we were brought 4portions and the waitress (asian lady that seemed to be more than just a waitress there) also shouted at us and went on like a mad woman. obviously this restaurant knows nothing re customer service & we will never go back.

  76. Nicole says:

    What I don’t understand why people keep going back for punishment. food poisoning twice…..With sushi as with most things in life, you get what you pay for. So “all you can eat” sushi places will never see me. 1890 House in Observatory has really good fresh sushi and staff are friendly, some locals nearly eat all there meals there. Their Chinese is also good. Turned into a really expensive night for the owners, refund with a smile would’ve been cheaper.

  77. Tasha says:

    Good Evening everybody,please contact the Health inspector of that area as this is a serious matter that needs to be dealt with and it’s a danger to the public.Thanks.

  78. Ashley Miles says:

    Went there years ago with a large group of friends for all you can eat. Was part of the first group of about 4 to arrive and order, was the stone last to be served put of group of 20 after endless enquiry. Another friend never got her order at all. None of us have ever been back.

  79. pieter says:

    I went there about 2 weeks ago for a friends party, I was the first to arrive and ordered the R139 buffet special. The first salmon roses to come to my table was utterly a disgrace. Could tell they used the left over rice from the previous night or when ever, as the outside was dry and there was still ice crystals in the middle. That Chinese B..tch sorry woman came to me and told me everything is made fresh. Sorry but I am a qualified chef and I’m the Head Chef of a catering company. I KNOW MY WAY AROUND FOOD.

    Now later when all my friends were there and ordered the same special as I, my friend asked me to taste something from her plate. (now we are all paying the same amount for the same special) again this cow came to me screaming to me that this is not allowed. must say I shut her mouth quickly as I called the waiter and asked him what everyone ordered.
    There matter of fact still stands that you don’t treat your customers in that bad manner.

    Will never go back there again and will advise no one to go there either

  80. Chane says:

    Same story, after I had some horrible tuna sashimi I got sick almost immediatly, when we weren’t happy with the service the waiter started shouting at us and the manager couldn’t care less that this was happeing. Im glad I haven’t been back since because this place needs to shut down!! It’s an embarrassment of a restaurant, if you can even call it that!

  81. JohnDoe says:

    The waiter should take the resturaunt to the CCMA.
    You can’t charge the waiter for the client’s bill nor just fire him like that.

  82. Nadia says:

    Me and a couple of friends also went there! Twice! And I hated it! Service is crappy! Staff is rude and not accomodating and there bathrooms are just as filthy! Never went there again!

  83. MS says:

    One night my husband and i went there for sushi and the waiter started screaming at a table with 6 customers because they were sharing and tasting each others sushi on the sushi buffet. Also the place is disgusting. We will never go back because of the filth.

  84. Margo says:

    The first time we went to the smaller one the flies were sitting on our sushi as she was making it and those already done. The last time we visited the one next to Bossa the sushi was still half frozen.

  85. Aidan says:


    Appalling experience.

    Please do upload your comments to dining-out.co.za, eatout.co.za, hellopeter.com, wininganddining.co.za, etc. as this will ensure your experience is passed on.

  86. Marius says:

    I’m there 2 -3 times per week with buddies or dates and have never had a bad experience with the food, some of the waiters are a bit clueless but they eventually learn. Awesome sushi at a unbelievable price!

  87. Latasha says:

    Good evening everybody,I would advise you to contact the health inspector of that sub district which is tygerberg district as I am 1 myself and i am so disgusted in what I have read thus far about this place!This is a danger to the public and we need to stop this asap as it is serious!

  88. Terryzhou says:

    @wilmari they probably served you sweet sour dog not chicken lol

  89. Hildi says:

    Please report this to department of labour and CCMA – they will have a field day with the owners of the restaurant…..

  90. chris says:

    We went there once. And never again. We had the buffet and ordered a shit tonne of food. Obviously knowing the rules regarding leftover etc. We CAN eat sushi so we were up for the challenge.

    My friend, a fine dining, 5 star chef, haf been given brown tuna sashimi. Off tuna sashimi.

    He took a couple of bites and then immediately called the waiter to let him know its off. The waiter took the tuna away. My friend then got sick and went to the bathroom to expell the demonic fish. Obviously he couldn’t eat any further. We asked for our bill. The waiter said he’d void the additional pieces as my friend had been made sick.

    The manager/owner came out shouting we must pay for the leftover pieces. We explained the tuna was off. So she went to the kitchen, returned with my mate’s plate and threw it onto the table shouting “There no tuna here”. So we told her its because it was off and we sent it back. She full on verbally attacked us and said the poor guy who served us must pay.
    My wife hushed the word “f#$ k” under her breath as she was stunned at the show. Then the owner shouted “You no say f#$k here!!” And then said we should f#$ k off. Which we did.
    Right after telling each and every table the tuna was off and witnessing people actually leaving.

  91. Anne-Marie says:

    it’s because this useless msp fucken government must stop letting the fuckers in and then they want to be rude to us in OUR country!!! fuck all these plat-ogies and their skelm asses…will definitely share!

  92. jacques says:

    Also had 3 bad experiences there. Also had n bug on the plate once ! Fish is old abd un eateble! Oncee we got a fish scale on the food. Also we order sweet and sour chicken got and I&j patty with sweet chilli on it. Never going again

  93. richard says:

    Please tell the waiter to approach the ccma! Clearly these are some unfair labour practices and he has a remedy against the unfair dismissal.

  94. Anne-Marie says:

    ps. hows about all of us book the restaurant on the same night and just sit there and order nothing…if the bitch or jackass wants to tune us, we just all stand up together and charge in their direction…should be a sight! bwhahahahaa!!!

  95. Nicole says:

    I feel so bad for the waiter. I hope he finds another job or has something to fall back onto. Someone with a restaurant please offer him a job.

  96. jeeva says:

    My experience: Went there (Tyger Falls) with 12 friends in December 2012 for the all you can eat buffet and having quite a pallet (not that you required it in this case) I told the people close to me that it kinda tastes off and that everything tastes old. Paid after only eating 6 pieces and left with the group when everyone was done. 1 hour later explosive diarrhea kicks in, same for 7 other people in the group. All you can eat buffet $$$ + toilet paper $$$ = expensive.

    Now with this 1st experience fresh in my memory another bunch of friends told me to come along in April 2013. I told them I’m not keen to go and we should rather go to Andy’s in Kenridge. However they already booked so yeah… no choice from my side. At some sushi again, tasted a bit better this time but the rice was old as hell. Only ate a couple of pieces again since the old rice + the thought about last time’s explosive shit fest wasn’t great for the appetite.

    BOOM! 2 hours later. Bring on the diarrhea and my collection of soft 2ply toilet paper.

    NEVER AGAIN! This ass will not bleed for that place again.

    (Andy’s in the Kenridge shopping center is always a win).

  97. Lesley says:

    I only read a few comments – this place is clearly a health hazard!!! Why has someone not called the Health Inspector yet to pay them a visit? It’s disgusting!

  98. Zackulon says:

    Sounds like many people had bad experiences, sorry to hear that.

    On another, slightly related note: did you know that the sushi industry worldwide is amongst the worst contributors to the depletion of fishing stocks?

    Did you know that frequently, the ‘salmon’ you’re eating is not salmon, at all?

    Or that tuna is heavily polluted with mercury?

    True stories, all.

    Please, if you must eat sushi, only eat at places that utilise fish on the SASSI green list.

    Your kids will thank you.

  99. Erik says:

    For a GREAT alternative try Oishi Sushi. They only deliver but in my humble opinion the best sushi around. So support them. You will not be disappointed.

  100. Renoir says:

    Thank you for highliting this terrible place. They should be closed down. Will be great if a descent sushi restaurant can take their place as it’s a very pleasant setting.

  101. Lauren Bubb says:

    Dude the place is called Asian Asia. Lol.

    Well my recommendation is Edo Sushi in Observatory (opposite the McDonalds). Flippen amazing R110 buffet – and it’s not just the regular sushi you find on a CT sushi buffet place. Try it out =)

  102. Charlene says:

    This is terrible and I’m so sorry to hear all went through this terrible experience. I logged a complaint on #HelloPeter in October 2013 after we went to eat there for my friend’s birthday. We ordered the all you can eat platters as well as other dishes. My friend’s child who was 5yrs old had 2 pieces of his mom’s sushi and all of a sudden the Waitor came over saying we need to order a full platter for the boy if he is going to continue to eat, even though we orders him a meal. After explaining to the waitor the Asian lady manager rushed over and demanded we pay! Practically screaming at us and telling us you pay or we call the police?!!! We sat there dumbstruck im the middle of our meal. We let her know we will settle when we leave. Few min later she returned saying pay or we call the police!! By now we were fuming as her accusations appeared to be racial.

    We got up settled the bill and told her we will NEVER be back again! Worst service EVER!! That place should be closed down!

  103. Janine says:

    Been there once. Mayo tasted like cardboard! Disgusting sushi, had 2 plates and left!

  104. Danielle says:

    Asian Asia is the most horrific, disgusting place I ever TRIED to eat sushi at. I would like to send a health inspector there. They should be put out of business, it should not be allowed to sell food of such poor standards-no standards.

  105. Pierre says:

    Worst food and service i`ve ever had,never again.

  106. Sarah says:

    You’re all wasting your time – boycott this sh*thole and go to sushi box

  107. Simone says:

    I am more than happy to help you with the ccma case

  108. L says:

    I was recommended the restaurant by a lecturer of mine, when a group of us students were discussing Asian eateries, so one day I told my family that we should try it once instead of our usual Chinese eatery.

    First off, we struggled to find the place and then when we found it we were kind of ignored by the wait staff, despite there being only one other family in the place. After we seated ourselves, a waitress magically appeared out of nowhere and kind of looked at us funny before mumbling what I believe to be a greeting and then asked us what we wanted to drink. When I eat Asian cuisine, I prefer to be served green tea (loose leaves not tea bags) so I asked the waitress (very politely) if it was a loose leaf tea. After staring at me as if I had grown a second head, she grunted something that sounded like no. I found this very rude as you as a customer are allowed to ask certain questions (such as for dietary requirements).

    After taking our drink orders, I then asked about a beef dish and asked whether it was very spicy or not (as spicy does not agree with me). I have noted that certain styles of Chinese cooking can be rather spicy (depending on the region and how the chef is trained) so I tend to look out for warning s on menus. The style seemed to be a spicy style but I wanted to make sure as there was no warning on the menu. She seemed to sulk and then scurried off to the kitchen. It seemed a simple enough question but she took quite a while to return. When she finally did, she rudely replied no, so I ordered it, along with a Japanese style appetizer.

    While waiting for our food, I found it very odd that my chopsticks were removed (I was the only person who had not ordered sushi- their chopsticks were left untouched). When ordering Asian cuisine at such an establishment, chopsticks are left on the table unless the customer asks for Western cutlery (your typical knives and forks). I tried to ignore this fact throughout our meal, despite it annoying me (as I am quite proficient at using chopsticks and am quite knowledgeable on chopsticks etiquette).

    When the starters came, I was shocked at the presentation. It looked like someone had projectile vomited my starter onto my plate and when I tried a bite, it was tough and tasted as if it had been microwaved. I left it as it was and hoped my main meal would be slightly more appetizing. It was not…

    Despite asking if the dish was spicy and being given an answer of no, the meal was in fact hellfire hot. Not only that but it tasted off. I quickly called our waitress over to ask for a glass of water and the menu again (just to see if this was my imagination of if she had ordered in the wrong dish). The fridge with the non-alcoholic was just behind our table (which I thought very odd but never questioned it) and I had noticed there was still water inside (which my order had been) so I assumed I would be able to nurse my scorched tastebuds soon as all she needed to do was bring a glass for the drink. I waited for ten minutes before receiving my drink. I was not pleased but I was still very hungry and I saw my companions were still eating so I decided to give them one last shot. Big mistake.

    I ordered something safe, something that was a staple food item for any restaurant serving Chinese cuisine, sweet and sour chicken (or pork, depending on your preference). I thought there was no possible way for the chefs to muck it up. When it was laid in front of me, it looked normal, so I was hopeful. I tried a piece of meat- it was dry and tasted off again. I decided to try another piece (just to make sure). Same result.

    I must note- during the meal I tried to make the waitress aware of the problems I had noted. She, however, brushed everything off and pretended as it was normal standards and acted as if I was a picky eater. With each dish I had tried, I had asked one of my family members to try a bit of the food, just to make sure that I was not crazy. Each one agreed with me and some admitted that their sushi tasted a bit off but had not had the courage to say so. Besides they had noticed how the waitress was ignoring what I had to say, so they felt that the same would happen to them.

    So after a disappointing meal (I had such high expectations after hearing rave reviews from my lecturer and fellow students) we left. A little while after we left, my family and I had quite a bad reaction to the food.

  109. Andries says:

    Not 100% sure where this place is. Would be nice if you can post a map or picture of the place. I like sushi so good to know which places to avoid.

  110. dominique says:

    My family and I are from out of town but always stay in a flat at tygerr falls. We have eaten there twice…The second only to see if service and food improved. We have never been back. The sushi and service disgusting..and the sign of paying for your leftovers was the final straw. Where are the health inspectors?

  111. Chane says:

    we had the same issue. My mom and I when there in September and as I don’t eat sushi I normally order the chicken or vegetable tempura. When it finally arrived, 2 hours after my mom already finished her sushi, there were eggshells in the dough/crumbs they use for the tempura and the vegetable tempura was mushrooms alone. Am I weird in saying that the menu didn’t say MUSHROOM Tempura. And we waited for an hour to see the manager afterwhich our waiter miraculously changed into the manager and they said we had to pay and I had no problem with that. They refused to remove the plate and told us the made it so we have to eat it, even after telling them I am more than willing to pay for bad service and not only bad food, but also food I didn’t eat.

    Kudos on helping the waiter. Faith in humanity RESTORED!

  112. Eon says:

    Fucking Shit hole! Will never go to that place again. Went there once and left my food on the table due to SHIT food! Fuck them!

  113. Raylene says:

    Wow – what a lot of negative comments. Good to know. Agree with one of the previous posts – ASAMI at Cobble Walk really good and worth a try. Fresh delicious sushi and brilliant service.

  114. Marius says:

    Next time you visit any sushi place, check your bill to see if they are registered for VAT. If not, ask why? I will not support any business that does not give anything back to the country.

    • Flea says:

      There is no obligation to register for VAT as a business unless you are making a profit in excess of R1m per year. Paying VAT is not “giving back to the country” – it is simply charging your clients VAT and handing that over to SARS. And reclaiming VAT on things you buy. Basics.

      • RVG says:

        Hi there! I always thought that its Turnover and not Profit that determines if a business is required to register for VAT.

  115. Minette says:

    Why are they still open???????? I complained about the fact that they use normal mayo on their sushi and the owner also started shouting at me. I also have a complaint on Hello Peter but nothing came from that. Get them closed down!!!!!!!!!! Share with every person you can.

  116. angie says:

    I took my mom there for dinner… how embarrassing! We ordered sake… they bought us what tasted like vodka. We had one sip out of a tot, when we tried to return it they said we would have to pay for the whole jug!

    Then all 3 of us had the all you can eat sushi… we started with 10 pieces… the sushi was so diagusting and inedible that we left four of the pieces and asked for the bill… for 12 pieces of sushi they charged us all you can eat PLUS they charged us for the left over sushi. We asked to speak to the manager but he wouldnt come… we could see him sitting at the bar watching dvds on his laptop.


  117. Tracey says:

    Go to The Tigerlily in Fish Hoek. The best sushi, chinese food and service I have ever experienced. I only eat there. The owners and staff are extremely friendly. Always have a good experience there. And its kid friendly. Just love it.

  118. Matthew says:

    I last ate there at the beginning of the year. The first time I went I had the most amazing time. The second time… not so much. The poor waitress was running around trying to help all her tables while the Asian owner/manager was yelling at her in front of all the customers. During all of this we received the wrong order for our table. (8 pieces of sushi too many) and we were forced to pay the wastage fee.

    I love sushi but I can not support a company that mistreats their employees and customers like that.

  119. Rafiqua says:

    Shocking! To be quite frank Chinese people are like that. IF you ever travel / have travelled to China you will know this. They are rude.

    • Jenna says:

      Sorry not all Chinese people are rude, depended where in China you went. Please don’t assume every chinese person is rude. Your comment may hurt those who aren’t like that. Educated Chinese people are polite. Please understand.

  120. Louise says:

    I also ate there once…. just once, i paid for the all you can eat as well, but luckily i don’t eat sushi, so i only had the sweet and sour chicken and rice. It was the most horrible thing i ever ate!
    I didn’t even finish the plate, i told the manager that i’m not gonna pay for that horrible “food” it was so hard and old no normal person could eat it.
    I didn’t eat anything else but he refused to let me not pay for it and also went on about the fact that i complained about it. It really is the worst sushi place i had ever been to.

  121. Edwin Watson says:

    Hey guys.

    If you use Zamato go give these guys a negative rating. Here is the link

  122. Arno says:

    I ate there once, the sushi was bland and old. Will never go back again. Plus it was terrible service. I did however go back, but once i sat down and smelled how awfull it was. I stood up and walked out. Asian asia is terrible runned.. With bad management which have no customer interaction skills. Will never go back!!

  123. mignon manig says:

    Never ever had such a hideous experience. They used cheap no name brand sweet mayo..when we asked for sushi mayo the screamed that we must pay more. The asian so called casual who must hav been a manager..was so rude. The waiter restarained my friend. The police were called…dreadful experience.

  124. Sam says:

    What shocks me about these comment is how many people had multiple bad experiences there. Surely after one bad experience like horrible food, poor service or a bug on the plate you would never go back? I also cant believe you carried on eating your food after the bug incident. I would have walked out refusing to pay for anything.

    • Flea says:

      I don’t understand that either. Some commentators here had posioning 3 out of 4 times….. why would they keep going back? Also, I would steer very clear of any restaurant named Asian Asia. But that’s just me. I have never had a good meal at any restaurant at Tyger Falls.

  125. Guven Atala says:

    Thanks for the heads-up!! Will make sure that me, my family and anyone I know will NEVER frequent this restaurant. I love me some sushi, but I detest bad service/bad food.

  126. ashlea strydom says:

    The very worst service I have ever had at a restaurant, and it’s consistently bad, which is my fault as I should not have gone back. We’ve also gone for the buffet option and with no warning the kitchen just closed and we each ended up having to pay R139 for having maybe 6 or 8 pieces of sushi, when we wanted to complain I was told there was no one to talk to. Should have tried leaving without paying, sure someone would have come running then.

  127. Tarren says:

    My boyfriend and I went there for the first time two weeks ago. Worst food ever! Everything had a funny taste to it. I could not get the sushi down and then rather ordered the chicken “nuggets” and springroll. Even that tasted horrible! The service was also very poor. We both felt sick afterwards. That was the worst experience ever!

  128. Robyn S says:

    Wowzer! I will definitely avoid this place. What astonishes me is that many of the people who commenyed above have gone to this restaurant on numerous occasions even though they had a previously kak experience! Us saffers are so optimistic 🙂 that said: DOWN WITH KAK SUSHI RESTAURANTS AND KAK SERVICE! *insert pickets

    • Fran says:

      They keep going back because they’re greedy for the ‘all you can eat’ – they prefer quantity over quality. Serves them right to get kak food in that case.

  129. zerena pillay says:

    me and two mates when there … after ordering one single plate of salmon roses she tastes it and then spat it out one and said the sushi didn’t taste good ,,, she brought over the waitress and told her about the situation but the waitress denyd the situation and said that the sushi was fresh … my friend and I then shared the seconf piece to see if my friend was correct … and she was … the fish did not taste good or fresh … I then told the manager and my friend said she shouldn’t have to pay for bad sushi that she didn’t even eat …. the manager then told we have to pay the bill and simply walked away … we then called over the manager a seconf time and when she refused the manager started shouting and told us to pay immediately and leave … bad service all round … and we have never gone back since

  130. GUY CHARLES says:

    I can’t promise a job, however ask him to try Ryan (owner) or Divaan (the manager) at the Grill House Tyger Waterfront. 021 914 1658. Should he no luck there ask him to contact me at head office on 021 914 1183. Ask for Guy Charles, I’m the Kitchen Operations Manager for the Group. He really deserves a break after such unethical and illegal treatment. One thing I can assure him that if this goes to the CCMA he’ll win hands down-Good luck!

  131. Ella West says:

    The story is incredibly badly written and fraught with grammar and spelling errors.

    • jeeva says:

      @ella west, Who the fuck cares? Language is there to communicate by ANY means. His message came across and is comprehensible, EXACTLY what it was meant for. Grammar, concord & spelling are just RULES in the communication medium, however rules can be broken.

      Your post gave me cancer.

    • Harry Schmarry says:

      Dear Ms. West,

      No-one gives a shit, shart or rotten-tuna-bathed bowel obstruction of any kind.


  132. Uran Barry says:


  133. Michelle says:

    1st visit was 2 years ago and have never returned. The sushi was horrible. I could smell the fish. The service was slow. And they stuff you with rice on the all you can eat thing… hardly any fish…. which was ok in this instance as the fish wasn’t fresh. Will never go there again!

  134. Cathy says:

    Hi. I recommend you join a Facebook Group called “Legal talk” and another called “Legal Talk South Africa”.
    There are various people on this group that give legal comment on various queries. They may well be able to point you in the right direction, in trying to assist this waiter.
    The owner / manager’s behaviour is not only horrendously shocking, but unlawful with regard to the waiter. Good Luck

  135. Fran says:

    This place sounds dreadful and I wouldn’t set foot in it, but if you go for ‘all you can eat’ you only have yourself to blame for getting shit food and service. Your friend in the ‘chef industry’ (wtf is that anyway?) can’t be mush of a professional if he eats ‘all you can eat’.

    Stop being greedy, go for quality instead!!

  136. Gerard Fennell says:

    Hi, In the UK we have Health Inspectors who check up on restaurants and cafes and take-away shops. If they find any dodgy places, a warning is given to clean up and if in 48 hours the inspectors return the place is still in a state then the place is closed down. I think by the number of reports (and I’ve only read a few) this place should be reported to the Health authorities and hopefully shut down.
    What the owner did to the waiter is disgusting and disgraceful. Good luck getting the waiter a job.

  137. Ann says:

    After reading this I dont think I will ever go back there.

    We were there once and my husband was the only one not eating sushi. We all ordered sushi and enoyed it. My husband ordered chinese when we ordered our sushi, needless to say we all have finished our orders and orders of sushi and my husband was still waiting on his chinese. We continously asked the waiter where my husband’s food was and he kept on running to the kitchen. My husband got his food when we were all stuffed already.

    The manager finally brought his food to the table expecting us to smile and my husband immediately said that they must put it in a doggy bag, I thought if it was me I would have refused to take it and leave, but he was so hungry by then he just took it home.

  138. Nireshni says:

    Probably my worst dining experience ever. They are going to make someone really sick with their poor hygiene standards. Can they be reported to the health inspectors or something?

  139. Corli says:

    I find that posting on Trip Advisor helps a lot at keeping visitors from other countries away from embarrassing establishments like Asian Asia.
    Please do post on any of the websites like Dining out and Eat out….. people are reading the reviews before booking.

  140. Rofty says:

    I went there with a friend who loves Sushi. First our reservation was mixed up – we ended up sitting at dirty table in the corner. We then moved to the belt. We took the sushi buffet option. The rice in sushi from the belt was dry as if 3 days old. Almost like Rice Krispies. The fish had a funny smell to it. I suggested that we rather order directly from Sushi Chefs. It was of a better quality but took almost 30min for a order to reach us. After a while two cockroaches crawled out from under the belt. At this point we were so disgusted we just asked for the bill, paid and walked out.

    From now on we will prefer Quality over Quantity.

  141. Karola says:

    I found a nail in my Sweet & Sour chicken dish, but they gave me my meal for free…..I am now cured of Chicnese food for a long time!!

  142. Rian says:

    Don’t forget about the fake wooden leaf plates! Could of been such a cool venue, pity.

  143. Albert says:

    I think that you guys should write up some reviews:


  144. Lea says:

    I went there with a friend way back when Asian Asia was one restuarant (before changing to two and moving to a different location in the Tyger-waterfornt). After having the buffet I got extremely sick. There wasn’t an orrifice in my body that wasn’t expelling something. I went to the doctor and got treated for dehydration and severe food poisoning. Needless to say I never went back to that place.

    A few pointers though:
    According to the consumers act of South Africa, if you are unsatisfied with a product (in this case food) you have the RIGHT to complain. After giving the business a reasonable time to fix their mistake and you still are unsatisfied you can leave and refuse to pay for the said product.

    Calling the cops? Please! Let them call. I’ll even call for them. The police have a lot on their plate, they do not have time or resources for this BS! The only thing Asian Asia can do is file a suit against the customer and take them to court. Let’s ignore the fact that the state procecutor would laugh at this and toss it off his talble the first chance he gets…this is a lenghtly and expensive enterprise. They will lose more money in legal aid than the measely amount you owe them.

    And to boot if this ever goes to court their filthy restaurant environment and etiquette will come to light. Bad publicity, which would result in them closing their doors.

    So let them call the police. They have more to lose than you.

  145. Kiroux says:

    I know of a lot of people who always insist on going there and I can never understand why. Perhaps because (as someone said earlier) it’s quantity over quality. The sushi is horrible, clearly not fresh or clean (not to mention the rice is not properly prepared). The service is terrible – in my case the waiter was incredibly rude and dismissive (I’ve heard some say that the waiters there are friendly). We were made to sit in half-broken garden chairs while perfectly good chairs were available simply because our reservation was misunderstood. I’ve only been there once and once is enough. I will never go back and waste my money there again, and every time someone suggests to go there, I will always refuse. Thanks for writing this post!

  146. Bonita says:

    Perhaps someone should get the health inspector to have a look!!!

  147. Craig says:

    Sadly this kind of thing happens all the time in restaurants. I was a waiter at the Girls restaurant in wilderness and often had to pay for stuff ups by the kitchen until one day I put my foot down and complained…the next day I was suspended. ..but when it came time to disciplinary hearing, they had no leg to stand on and had to be let me back to work. All I can say is make your case withh CCMA and push for maximum months and don’t settle for what they offer you to squash the matter…you will win if you have evidence and witnesses. Good luck and give em hell.

  148. Zylsman says:

    Please go read some bad reports about this place also on Helo Peter . I have tried my best to get this place to close. The owner who is a women , is the most disgusting thing on this planet. She treats customers lower that dog shit . She makes people pay for shit food even if you send it back . She shouts and screams in front of other customers calling you cheap , or saying you don’t have money. This all because they sell old shit food that can make you sick. I have even sent an email hopeing that the Tygerberger would look into there business . No reply from them . They seriously need a health inspector to go there . And that owner whom is lower than dog shit , should fuck off back to her country . She is a piece of shit.

  149. Maurizio says:

    you should post it on the hello Peter website

  150. emile says:

    Hi. I’ve never been to asian asia, needless to say I won’t be going either. I ordered some food at Lemon Butta, their food is brilliant, however I changed my order. The waiter rang it up, but he added the item I didn’t want as well. I told him and he said he can’t change it because its in the system already even though the food wasn’t made yet and either I must pay or he must pay. The manager confirmed this, so I paid because the waiter made a mistake. I just don’t go there anymore because of that policy.

  151. Melissa says:

    Went there a few years ago. Horrible food and overall service. Then recently my boyfriend and I went out for supper with two friends who had never been there before as we thought things may have improved. What a mistake and embarrassment. The sushi smelled terribly off. One person ordered crispy chicken, which was definitely not crispy and clearly not fresh. We sent the off sushi and “crispy” chicken back as we could not bear eating anymore of it and were forced to pay. I honestly don’t understand why people go back there. The dragon lady is extremely rude and unpleasant and acts as if she is doing you a major favour by serving you food. I always thought I was the only person who thought this place is the worst sushi restaurant but clearly not.

  152. Danielle says:

    This should be posted on hello Peter . This restaurant should not be operating under such conditions and poor service.

  153. Maria Xolani says:

    This is like Kitchen Nightmares South Africa! Why doesn’t someone report them to a health board?

  154. BBH236 says:

    We’ve been there, and also had bad service. We went to the smaller Asian Asia and the lady was so rude, not only to us, but also to people who phoned to make bookings. We had to wait ages for our drinks. Won’t go back there. We also ate at the sushi place in Edward street (can’t remember its name now), and saw 2 cockroaches running around. Won’t be going there either. Anyone know of a good place in Somerset West / Stellenbosch?

  155. Peter Snyman says:

    They are the worst. It’s really that terrible attitude of the owner. We went there for a 21st. We ordered the children’s menu item and was told its not available anymore. I pointed to the fact that it was on the menu, only to be told that it was an old menu. She complains and fights like she hates what she is doing and always makes the waiters pay for all the kitchen mistakes. Absolutely disgusting service from the owner who takes it out on the waiters. Please take her to the MCAA

  156. Karmen says:

    Wow, total lack of customer service!

    Contact the building landlord and inform them of your experience, and ask them to get pest control out (seems like a few guests had roaches in food). The landlord/building owner will be responsible for that – the restaurants are just tenants. Also get a health inspector to check out Asian Asia’s kitchen hygiene. Pleased the waiter found a new job at least!

  157. Patrick says:

    After reading these comments, have decided that this place is not for me. Rather go to Active Sushi for all you can eat. Super place great manager and staff and sushi made fresh all the time. There all you can eat has three sittings namely 4-6 then 6-8 then 8-10. Small great place I can’t recommend it enough

  158. pietie says:

    I once called to book a table(asked for n table specifically) and when we got there the place was so full and they told us that we have to sit at the bar, which is stupid because we were a bunch of friends wanting to catch up.
    I am seeing this forum/website for the first time and am actually very glad others feel the same way. I hope they close down.
    Asian asia is the worst restaurant i have ever been to.

  159. Gerhard says:

    Very dirty restaurant. Also had the worst service there a few years back.

  160. William Lyons says:

    Hope you cpuld help the waiter? I am more then willing to help with legal advice! Let me know! Terrible that you think you have the power to fire an employee for this kind of happening. Please let me know if you have solved the problem.

  161. Jenna says:

    I have read the above comments as some were racist comments while others experiencing bad fake fong kong chinese food and I’m sorry about that. Asian asia doesn’t sell authentic Chinese food or Japanese sushi. Its rather a fong kong restaurant trying to sell fake chinese food and japanese sushi so I advice people to not go there. Perhaps the owners of the restaurant are from a rural are in China so they lack manners when dealing with problems. Maybe they never even went to school for education so they lack manners. Hmm

  162. Rosa says:

    I think a health inspector should be advised to go and look at the state of their toilets, it is disgustingly dirty. After I discovered that, I swore never to go there again. If the toilets that their customers have to use look like that, can you imagine what the kitchen looks like.

  163. Mike says:

    Why are all of you complaining, go to Tyger waterfrond management and complain there. You!!!!! going there three times, come on. I would not go there once because of all the shit you guys said about the place.

  164. Kelly says:

    On 17 September went for dinner at Asian-Asia, Tygerwaterfront. My 1 friend had all you-can-eat-sushi, my other friend and I ordered off the menu because she’s pregnant and not allowed to eat sushi and i’m not a big fan of sushi. I ordered a Crab salad for starter, while she ordered a portion of veg cali rolls. Our mains:Beef Malaysian Fried Rice & another Asian beef dish. When the food arrived we were quite surprised by the generous portions.However,I had 1 bite & immediately tasted something off. I asked my friend and she expressed the same. We asked our other friend to confirm what we thought to be “off” meat,and he agreed – so much so, that he spat out the meat as soon as he had the first bite!We called our waiter &she took the meals away. (Please note merely small bits of meat tasted from the dishes) After a few minutes she returned saying that if we don’t pay for the meals, she’ll have to pay for it.” First of all; ‘why did management’ not approach us & why is the first concern payment,rather than addressing that rotten food were served to patrons?We were shocked and kindly informed the waiter that we won’t be paying for food that we did not consume due to lack of quality& that could put our health at risk but that we did not expect this to be deducted from her wages as it’s s a concern from the kitchen, not the waiting staff. We asked her to call the manager.The waiter spoke to her manager, once again he seemed uninterested, proceeding to raise his voice at her.Our waitor again returned asking what we are going to do regarding payment.At this point, we were getting annoyed &again stated that we won’t be paying for dishes we did not consume. After 25min sending our meals back to the kitchen,we were starved.My pregnant friend and I each grabbed a cheese springroll from my friend’s all-you-can-eat food (we know this is against policy,but we notified the waitor about this &asked that she add the one portion cheese springrolls to our bill) which she did.A senior waiter then approached our table explaining that there’s no manager on duty, but the asian gentleman sitting infront was actually the owner.We again explained the situation, and she told us that she could see our food was untouched, but unfortunately they have to go with what the owner says.Again,why is the main concern the PAYMENT rather than addressing the food? We sat for another 10 mins. still no owner/ manager approaching us.I got up from the table and went to the owner. Explained that the food was off & that we wont be paying,and certainly it should not be the responsibility of the waiter to pay either.During this whole conversation, he only looked up once from his phone to tell me that the Chef told him that the food is fine.Still trying to speak to a person who is flat-out ignoring me,my male friend got up from our table and slammed his hand on the desk to get attention from the owner.He was uninterested.At this point, we asked for the bill so we could leave! When our bill arrived, the two meals were still on the bill!We scratched it off and paid the remainder of the meals.Another male waiter approached us and said that they were phoning the police and we cannot move from the restaurant if we do not pay for all the meals.We didn’t have a problem waiting for the Police as we knew we did nothing wrong. 45 MINUTES of waiting for the police,we had enough and got up, went to the front and told the owner that we were leaving. Another female owner showed up, C. Lin. She responded by SHOUTING at us in front of the other patrons.Shouting that we were CHEAP,that we did not have enough money to pay for our bill.She proceeded to shout that she won’t let us leave the premises until we’ve paid She then instructed her waiting staff to stand out infront of the doors so we could not not leave. (Doing so by shouting across the room.We then phoned the police ourselves, but they didn’t know where Tygerwaterfront. We were just fed up at this stage and paid the R150 for the two meals, just so we could leave. Needless to say, but we will never be returning to this restaurant again!!

  165. *David says:

    I have just drafted and sent you an email, I hope that this will help in your CCMA case against them and to have the place shutdown forever. Sorry that I have not posted anything openly in this forum, there are just somethings better left to be spoken in private. I truly hope that you will have this place and the owners shutdown and never re-opened

  166. Louda says:

    I’ve always said this place is disgusting…hope my friends who love it so sees this 😛

  167. Stash says:

    That place sucks, my boyfriend tried to surprise me once by going there, ended up getting horribly sick – the tuna they served was disgusting, i regrettable ordered the sashimi tuna, and got served this horrible slimy, smelly slices of fish – NEVER EVER will i return, and after reading this I truly hope the get shut down.

  168. Maggie Louw says:

    Thanks for posting this – please spread as widely as possible and I’ll do the same. PLEASE help the waiter with the CCMA – those people should not get away with their draconian behaviour. I’m a great sushi fan but this is a real eye opener, especially after having read all the ‘comments’. Just shocking.

  169. Denise says:

    Has there been any progress in legal matters? if you need any press exposure or legal hepl please let me know. I am in the restaurant and customer service business I will gladly help.

  170. DG says:

    A while back we went for dinner at Asian-Asia.My friend had all you-can-eat-sushi,my other friend &I ordered off the menu;beef Malaysian Fried Rice&another Asian beef dish.When food arrived we were surprised by the generous portions.However we had one bite&immediately tasted something off.We called our waiter who took the meals away(merely small bits of meat tasted from these dishes)after 10 min she returned saying if we don’t pay for the meals,she’ll have to pay for it.NO manager approached us& we were then informed there is in fact no manager on duty.We approached the OWNER who was uninterested in our complaint&started SHOUTING at us in front of the other patrons that we were CHEAP&did not have enough money to pay&instructed waiting staff to block the doors so we could not leave.Through this entire ordeal(that went on for more than and hour)the main concern for them was PAYMENT rather than addressing rotten food served (note ; my one friend is highly pregnant)We could not leave and were told to wait for the police, highly FED-UP at the bizarre situation we just paid for the rotten food(that we sent back uneaten),so we could leave. DISGUSTED

  171. Karen Bower says:

    Well, after reading through all these comments it has simply just reaffirmed my philosophy, if they cannot speak any South African language then I cannot support them as they do not contribute towards our taxes and a lot of these foreigners do not adhere to our hygienic standards anyway.

  172. Wow, thats alarming! Definitely will be avoiding.

  173. Rumpi says:

    I am definitely not going to this place!! It was actually on my tygerwaterfront restaurant bucket list. Thanks for the warning team!!!

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    […] response to my “Why Asian Asia is the Worst Sushi Place in Cape Town” post, has been absolutely immense. Closing in on 60 000 reads, it would most certainly seem […]

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