Drayton Glendower.


Ryan Wallace


Terri Ogden


November 2017


Digital Drawing Room

The Horse
~ Leader of the Pack ~

Strong, quick, and graceful, the horse often displays characteristics that go hand-in-hand with what we see in a leader. 

Horses are independent but they operate in a herd as the need arises. Extremely hard-working, they also understand the need to live a more carefree existence at times. Balance.

While working in the herd, leadership and communication is paramount to the success of the task at hand.

Brilliant leaders are also great communicators, but are there any geniuses among the herd? The genius of brilliant leadership probably has more to do with surrounding yourself with experts who help you do a great job.


Design and develop brand language and creative for Drayton Glendower, a leadership advisory firm with a focus on sub-Saharan Africa. They have a long list of JSE-listed corporations on their client list.

This was a re-brand project as the company felt that their outdated brand no longer suitably appealed to their audience.


During the conceptual stages of this project, the idea of the horse came through very strongly – it seemed the perfect fit. 

The symbology of the horse combined perfectly with the psychology of the colours we used. 

The brand portrays leadership, success, trust and independence – everything that Drayton Glendower stands for.

Drayton Glendower Logo

Colours Communicate

Simply stated, colour is broken down, white light. It is a dissection of light at different wavelengths, where each wavelength is perceived as a separate colour.

As humans, we feel colour. Colours communicate with us. Therefore, it is important to understand what colours say, and how we interpret them.

Gold is the colour of the sun.

It is uplifting and positive.
It is the colour of winning, generosity and happiness.

Gold is success, achievement, and triumph.

White is perfection.

At its most complete, it is pure – a clean slate. It is the colour of fairness, neutrality & independence.

White protects and encourages; it offers a sense of comfort and hope.

Blue is intelligent.

It relates to trust and dependability. It is the colour of loyalty, innovation, and relaxation.

Blue is productivity, calmness, and serenity.

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