Ryan Wallace


Juan Stander


September 2019


Digital Drawing Room


an unexpected or casual meeting with someone or something.

Enkounta Brand Logo Mockup


Design and develop brand language and creative for an upmarket meeting and entertainment venue for C-level business executives. 

The client wanted a classy but creative brand that communicates trust to the target audience. 


In order to resonate with business executives, we developed a logo mark, based on a signature – a well-recognised symbol among execs. 


The Signature
A symbol of trust

Enkounta Logomark

A signature is a mark or sign made by an individual on an instrument or document. It signifies knowledge, approval, acceptance, or obligation.

Every signature is unique and authentic; it is a symbol of your identity and is the mark that represents you in the world.

In everyday encounters, there are a couple of key factors that could determine the outcome thereof. For an encounter to leave a lasting and positive impression, it needs the following elements:

  • honesty
  • respect
  • humbleness
  • fairness
  • equality

These 5 elements are the cornerstones of the Enkounta signature. Together, they form a relationship of trust between company & client.

Wherever the Enkounta signature is observed, here you can expect a lasting and impactful encounter.

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